Apr 5, 2014

News: KFC - Boneless Chicken Discontinued... for Now

It looks like KFC's Boneless Chicken wasn't quite the draw that was hoped: The company has relegated the product to "limited time offer" status and it is currently unavailable at many KFC restaurants (i.e. it's being discontinued).

Addressing a customer's recent Facebook inquiry of "Why did you stop selling boneless chicken?" KFC had this response:

"We are currently transitioning to a different chicken promotion. There may be more boneless offers in the future."

It should also be noted that the KFC website no longer lists Boneless Chicken on its menu, although the chicken was promoted in ads and commercials as recently as January of this year with Extra Crispy Boneless Chicken.

During its launch last year, KFC was riding on hopes that Boneless Chicken would draw in a younger audience who preferred boneless over bone-in chicken (i.e. Chicken McNuggets over KFC). They seem to have moved on to Go Cups, which conveniently fit into your car's cup holder and also offer several boneless options (although Boneless Chicken is no longer one of them).

If your local KFC still offers Boneless and you're a fan, you'd better get it while supplies last.