Apr 9, 2014

News: New 7-Eleven Exclusive Amp, Vitaminwater, and Gatorade Flavors

Heading into April, 7-Eleven has locked up a trio of exclusive drinks from Amp, Vitaminwater, and Gatorade.

From Amp, 7-Eleven offers Amp Energy Dale Jr. Sour flavor, a new, limited-time sour grape flavored energy drink. The promotion price is two 16-oz cans for $3.

From Vitaminwater, 7-Eleven carries two new flavors of Vitaminwater Energy: Raspberry Citrus (which is exclusive to 7-Eleven) and Strawberry Lime. Like the Amp Energy drinks, the drinks are being offered at two 11.5-oz cans for $3.
Finally, 7-Eleven offers new, exclusive Fierce Green Apple Gatorade. It comes in 32-oz bottles, which are also being offered at two for $3.