Apr 17, 2014

Review: Del Taco - Breakfast Tacos

Del Taco's Breakfast Tacos feature either steak or bacon with scrambled eggs and hand-grated shredded cheese (also available with just egg and cheese) folded inside a soft flour tortilla. I decided to try both the bacon and steak versions.

The Del Taco I went to had the Bacon Breakfast Taco at $1.10, while the steak version was $1.85, but I received these courtesy of Del Taco.

These are a bit on the small side but understandable given the price. They don't skimp on the filling though, especially the meat and cheese.

The cheese in particular was moist and enough of it was clumped together for a pretty good cheddar flavor.

The best part was the scrambled eggs though; they were prepared perfectly, with just the right amount of moisture and fluffiness, plus the eggs actually had flavor! The best I've had at a fast food chain for sure.

The bacon was less amazing; the pieces never quite got crispy but delivered a decent amount of smoke and salt.

The steak didn't look so great, which made it all the more surprising that it was tender, flavorful, and interestingly, quite peppery. A piece of bacon and one piece of chicken managed to sneak their way into my taco for a tasty Noah's ark effect.

Overall, Del Taco's Breakfast Tacos were pretty good! They're not markedly different from the chain's breakfast burritos but the distribution seems a little better and you're not eating a bunch of flour tortilla at the ends. The eggs were good enough that'd I easily get the egg and cheese version if I was feeling extra stingy or frugal (especially as most fast food eggs are filler that don't much taste like eggs or anything really).

For whatever reason, there's not a sausage version; I asked and was told there was only the 1/2 lb. Sausage and Egg Burrito.

Nutritional info not yet available (but probably very similar to Del Taco's breakfast burritos).