Jul 10, 2014

Around the World: KFC Australia's New Fun Do Meal Gives You Lots to Dip

KFC Australia's new Fun Do Family Meal is a riff on fondue and offers quite a number of items to dip in the three warm sauces (including a cheese sauce) that come with.

The meal comes with 10 Crispy Strips, 6 Nuggets, 1 regular Popcorn Chicken, 2 large orders of fries, and 3 warm dipping sauces (Three Cheese, Sweet 'N Smoky BBQ, and Gravy).

With four different items to dip, and three sauces to choose from, it actually seems pretty fun, especially for the kids, as well as a good bit of variety. The closest we ever get from KFC here in the US is the Dip 'Ems Bucket. And, while you can buy a cup of gravy, it's not something they promote nor do they offer it as a throw in with a meal or combo.

A similar meal is being offering in New Zealand but with only the cheese sauce for dipping. There's also a smaller Fun Do Dipping Box and a snack-sized Dunk Box, which is just fries ("chips") and warm gravy for dipping.