Jul 12, 2014

Review: 7-Eleven - Mini Tacos

7-Eleven's Mini Tacos are mini bite-sized crunchy tacos with a shredded beef filling.

They were 4 for $1.

They're not crunchy but have a bit of crispiness at the edges; similar to Jack in the Box's Tacos, but not as greasy.

The beef filling is shredded, a bit too mushy, and heavily seasoned with just a touch of heat to them. There's a good filling-to-shell ratio.

Overall, these aren't really any different from the mini tacos you'd find in the frozen food aisle with the main difference being that you can buy a single portion at 7-Eleven, while you'd have to buy enough to feed a family at the supermarket. They're nice enough and, for a $1, very much an impulse buy if you looking for a warm snack.

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