Jul 6, 2014

Review: Loacker - Gran Pasticceria Dark-Hazelnut Cookies

Loacker's Gran Pasticceria Dark-Hazelnut Cookies are "fine dark chocolate biscuits with chopped hazelnuts." A "Pasticceria" means "pastry shop" in Italian. They're imported from Italy.

A 3.53-oz box (100g) was $1.99.

These are almost more chocolate than cookie. Each one is coated in a fairly thick (and with this weather, melty) rich, bittersweet dark chocolate. Inside are two layers of the thin, airy, crispy wafers that Loacker is known for. Between them is a layer of dark chocolate cream. There's another such layer on top mixed with chopped hazelnuts.

Each pieces is pretty small and can be eaten in one or two bites, which makes them a nice snackable indulgence.

If any of that sounds good, it's because it is! Basically, if you put a plate of these in front of me, I would eat them all (slowly, but surely). The combination of delicious, smooth dark chocolate with bits of hazelnut and the light crunch of wafers makes for some serious good eats.

Nutritional Info - Loacker Gran Pasticceria Dark-Hazelnut cookies
Serving Size - 4 pieces (33g)
Calories - 180 (from Fat - 110)
Fat - 12g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 15mg
Carbs - 17g (Sugar - 11g)
Protein - 2g