Jul 17, 2014

News: Frito Lay Reveals Doritos Jacked Mystery Test Flavors

Frito Lay did a round of mystery flavors for their Doritos Jacked line back in April, which consisted of three "test" flavors in all. The whole idea was for fans to try/buy them and vote for their favorite.

I ended up trying all three flavors and made my best guess(es) as to what they were (as did quite a few of you guys in the comments).

Well, Frito Lay recently revealed which flavors were what.

It turns out the Blue-labeled ones (#2653) were Chocolate Chipotle Bacon flavored (I guess mole), the Yellow-labeled ones (#404) were Caribbean Citrus Jerk flavored (I guessed Mountain Dew), and the Red-labeled ones (#855) were Spicy Street Taco flavored (I guessed spicy enchilada). Some of you were pretty close! Especially, on the citrus chicken!

The flavor which received the most votes and will be back in stores this fall was Spicy Street Taco, which I thought was really spicy.