Jul 14, 2014

News: White Castle Testing Turkey Sliders

Following the recent news of a Veggie Slider test, it looks like White Castle is also trying out Turkey Sliders. The sliders were spotted by an anonymous Brand Eater out in Minnesota.

They're testing two varieties: the Turkey Slider and the Cranberry Turkey Slider. Each comes with a Butterball ground turkey patty but the regular version comes with a "zesty bistro sauce," while the cranberry version comes with a cranberry sauce instead.

It's 99 cents for the Turkey Slider and 20 cents more for the Cranberry Turkey Slider.

According to the anonymous Brand Eater, both were good. The "cranberry sauce was chunky and a bit tangy and sweet (like the stuff from a can but not the jelly type)" and the zesty sauce was like a weaker, creamier version of Dijon. The patty "wasn't super moist (but not too bad either) and didn't seem seasoned, but that could have also been the sauce." She declared, "I will buy more :)"

I could go for a Cranberry Turkey Slider! But then again, I could go for White Castle period (they don't have them here on the West Coast and I've never been).

Photos by Anonymous.