Jul 3, 2014

Review: Rally's - Cheesesteak Philly Sub

Rally's Cheesesteak Philly Sub is a hot dog-sized cheesesteak sandwich that comes with shaved steak, melted Swiss cheese, and grilled onions on a toasted sub roll.

It's about as cheap as a cheesesteak is ever going to get at $1.99.

There was actually a good amount of steak inside the sub and it was chopped pretty small, so it was tender without any chewy moments. The problem was the meat was both overly seasoned and very salty. All you need is a little salt and pepper for a decent cheesesteak, but they went the other way here. It's not a bad flavor, but it's not something you'd normally find in a sandwich.

The caramelized, diced onions offered a nice sweetness but there were very few of them to go around.

The cheese cut against the saltiness with creaminess but, while well melted, there wasn't nearly enough of it.

The roll was pretty nice; airy and soft with a bit of chewiness to it.

Overall, Rally's Cheesesteak Philly Sub is a good value for the price, but is probably as far from a cheesesteak as a sandwich with steak and cheese in it could be. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the sandwich would be better with less meat, more cheese, and more onions.