Jul 9, 2014

News: Dunkin' Donuts - New Pretzel Twist, Plus Oreo Donuts Return!

Dunkin' Donuts introduces the new Pretzel Twist, which is slightly redundant as it's a traditional soft pretzel twisted in the same matter as a twist donut, sprinkled with salt (granted, pretzels don't have to be twisted, but it's kinda expected.) and served warm.

In addition to the new pretzel, Dunkin' has also brought back the Southwest Steak Burrito and Oreo Donuts.

The Southwest Steak Burrito features scrambled eggs, seasoned steak, fire-roasted vegetables, potatoes, pepper jack cheese, and Monterey Jack cheese, wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla.

Oreo Donuts come in two varieties: the Oreo Donut and the Oreo Creme Donut.

The Oreo Donut is a yeast ring donut frosted with white icing and topped with Oreo cookie pieces.

The Oreo Creme Donut is a yeast shell filled with vanilla-flavored buttercreme, frosted with white icing and topped with Oreo cookie pieces.

Also available this summer are Oreo Frozen Coffee and Oreo Vanilla Bean Coolattas.

All menu items mentioned are available for a limited time only at participating Dunkin' Donut restaurants nationwide.

Nutritional Info - Dunkin' Donuts Pretzel Twist
Calories - 280 (from Fat - 25)
Fat - 2.5g (Saturated Fat - 1g)
Sodium - 1340mg
Carbs - 54g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 10g