Jul 7, 2014

Review: McDonald's - Peaches & Creme Pie

McDonald's Peaches & Creme Pie features a filling of peaches and vanilla-flavored creme, baked side-by-side inside of a sugar-coated pie crust.

It has thus far only been offered in select markets at certain times. They recently appeared in the Los Angeles area so I bought one for 89 cents.

I'm a bit indifferent about peaches but this was really good. There's a mild but delicious flavor to it that's definitely peachy but not overly sweet or tangy. There are a good amount of small peach chunks rather than just a sauce.

The vanilla-flavored creme is smooth and offers up a lightly sweet cream cheese flavor that meshes very well with the peach portion.

The crust provides a nice, crispy, slightly-flaky shell and holds it all together well.

Overall, McDonald's Peaches & Creme Pie is really good. There's a good balance to it and it's not too heavy. I think I might like it better than the strawberry version, even though I like strawberries more than peaches.