Jul 2, 2014

News: 7-Eleven Launches New Doritos Loaded

7-Eleven launches new Doritos Loaded, a chip-sized 'reverse nacho' with the cheese on the inside and the chip on the outside i.e. it's a triangular cheese-filled bite with a Doritos Nacho Cheese-seasoned coating to it.

It should be noted that the coating is not actually made of crushed Doritos tortilla chips but is instead a breading sprinkled with "bold Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor."

According to a statement given to USA Today, the melted cheese inside is a blend of American, cheddar, and Romano cheeses, and like most of the hot foods at 7-Eleven, arrive frozen and are reheated at each store.

You can find the new snacks at participating 7-Eleven stores starting today in packs of 4 for $1.99. As part of the launch, 7-Eleven will host five "Fully Loaded Fridays" between July 25 and August 22, where you get a free 20-oz bottle of Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar with the purchase an order of Doritos Loaded.

Today also marks the national launch of Mountain Dew Solar Flare, a 7-Eleven-exclusive flavor of Mountain Dew mixed with tropical fruit punch flavor. It's been rolling out since May and is only available from the soda fountain (i.e. it's not in bottles).

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