Jul 9, 2014

Review: Slater's 50/50 - The 'Merica Burger

Slater's 50/50's The 'Merica burger is their July Burger of the Month and features a third pound (weight after cooking) ground bacon patty, bacon American cheese, sunny side up egg, thick-cut bacon, and bacon island dressing, on a bacon pretzel bun.

It was $11.95 for the burger. If you miss out, it's basically their B' B' B' Bacon, but with a full bacon patty instead of a half-bacon, half-beef (50/50) patty.

The bacon patty was really just as it sounds. It was altogether awesome, daunting, and waaaaaaay too salty. Like every bit the third-pound of bacon that it was, it was smoky, delicious, and surprisingly, not super greasy. The salt made it hard to eat though. Also, the burger was taller than I could open my mouth.

Like a lot of pretzel buns, the bun was a little dry but hearty and touched with a bit of smoky flavor.

The thoroughly melted cheese had a really nice savory note to it coupled with sweet and tangy cues from the bacon island dressing (like a bacon-y thousand island).

The thick-cut bacon was crispy and of course, added more bacon to the proceedings.

The lone egg didn't stand a chance against the sea of salty bacon-iness.

Overall, Slater's 50/50's The 'Merica lives up to the name, but even for a bacon lover like myself, is way too salty to be enjoyed without, maybe, ten times the egg. Or, maybe just not as a whole.

I got the beer-battered onion rings as well. It was $3.50 during happy hour. They're huge and fried with a crispy, tempura batter. There wasn't too much flavor to the batter, but the rings came with a tangy, sweet, and slightly spicy barbecue sauce for dipping and the onions themselves had a very nice sweetness to them.