Jul 2, 2014

News: Carl's / Hardee's Adds Jalapeno Version of New Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich

It hasn't been out for very long, but it looks like Carl's Jr. and Hardee's believe in striking while the iron is hot  (so to speak) with a new, spicy variant to the recently-introduced Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich that they're calling very simply the "Jalapeno Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich."

The Jalapeno Big Chicken Fillet Sandwich adds sliced jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, red onions, and creamy Santa Fe sauce to the fresh-baked bun, lettuce, crispy chicken breast fillet, and tomato of the original sandwich. It's basically a chicken version of the Jalapeno Thickburger.

The suggested price for the new sandwich is $4.49 (compared to $3.99 for the standard version and $4.99 for the Bacon Swiss configuration). You can also get it with a fries and a drink for $6.99 (prices may vary).

Nutritional info not yet available.