Jul 20, 2014

Review: Jollibee - Crunchy Chicken Sandwich

Jollibee's Crunchy Chicken Sandwich is a value-priced chicken strip slider and comes with two crunchy strips of chicken, lettuce, and mayo on a slider bun.

The price was two for $3.

If you've never heard of Jollibee, it's an American-style fast food restaurant based in the Philippines, but with a few locations here in the U.S.

The chicken strips had a nice crunchy shell and were pretty tasty and flavorful. The bread-to-chicken ratio was probably close to 50:50, which is pretty great. For the price, it's a good value to get two strips versus a ground chicken patty.

The lettuce was crisp but the mayo was just slightly excessive. It's not notably so compared to some other value-priced chicken sandwiches though.

The bun looks to be pandesal, a bread roll common in the Philippines. It's very soft and slightly sweet.

Overall, Jollibee's Crunchy Chicken Sandwich made for some pretty good eats. The chicken in particular stood out and the bun keeps it interesting.