Jul 3, 2014

News: White Castle Tests Veggie Sliders

White Castle is testing a vegetarian version of their famed Sliders. Spotted out in Edison, New Jersey by fellow Brand Eater, Kumar (no, not that Kumar), the new Veggie Slider comes simply with a veggie patty and avocado ranch sauce on a slider bun.

The price tag is 99 cents per slider.

The veggie patty is sourced from Dr. Praeger's, an all-natural, frozen food company based in New Jersey.

According to Kumar, the Veggie Slider is pretty good, especially for vegetarians who've long yearned for a taste of White Castle.

Interestingly, during the filming of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Kumar (yes, that Kumar) was actually eating veggie sliders at White Castle because Kal Penn, the actor who played him, is a vegetarian.

Among the biggest fast food burger chains, Burger King is the only one that offers a veggie burger option.

Photos by Kumar.