Jul 2, 2014

Review: 7-Eleven - Mountain Dew Solar Flare

New Mountain Dew Solar Flare is a new flavor exclusive to 7-Eleven soda fountains. It features the citrus flavor of Mountain Dew paired with tropical punch (sounds like the soda form of the Mountain Dew Typhoon Freeze.

It was 99 cents for a 32-oz Big Gulp (which is the smallest size at my local 7-Eleven...).

The color is orange-red, which is where the Solar Flare name comes from.

Like the Typhoon Freeze, there's a decent Hawaiian punch flavor, but it's scaled back and not as tangy. On the tail end there's a bit of melon to it.

Other than that, it's quite fizzy and not overly sweet.

Overall, I liked Mountain Dew Solar Flare. It's not my favorite by any stretch but it puts together an interesting pairing that's fairly enjoyable.

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