Jul 15, 2014

News: 7-Eleven - New Exclusive Flavors of Red Bull and Brisk Tea-Lemonade

7-Eleven is stocking a new, exclusive summer flavor of Red Bull as well as a new, exclusive flavor of Brisk Half & Half iced tea-lemonade blend at participating locations.

New Red Bull Summer Edition is an energy drink featuring the flavor of tropical fruits. It's available only at 7-Eleven for a limited time at two 12-oz cans for $5 (must buy two to get the discount).

New Brisk Blueberry Lemonade Half & Half features the flavors of tea, lemonade, and blueberries. They're offering a deal where you can get two 1 liter bottles for $2 (must buy two to get the discount).

They're also offering a new Lemonade Slurpee for a limited time this summer.

If you're looking to pick up a 7-Eleven pizza, they're offering a deal where you can get $1 off a large pizza (which already go for a fairly reasonable $5.55) when you buy any select Coca-Cola 1.25-liter, 2-liter bottles, or 12-pack cans.

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