Jul 24, 2014

Around the World: MOS Burger Japan offers New Gluten-Free Buns

Japanese burger chain MOS Burger now offers gluten-free hot dog and burger buns as part of a new hypoallergenic kid's menu that is devoid of buckwheat, peanut, egg, milk, wheat, and shrimp.

The buns are made with glutinous ("sticky") rice flour, which is more often found in steam buns and desserts (they also happen to look like steamed buns, except with a bit of browning).

The glutinous rice hamburger is actually a pork burger with a ketchup and vegetable based glaze, while the glutinous rice hot dog comes with a pork sausage. The hamburger is 330 yen (~$3.24 US), while the hot dog is 360 yen (~$3.53 US).

With an increased demand for gluten-free products here in the U.S. of late, it'll be curious to see if any U.S. fast food chains try their own gluten-free buns.