Apr 6, 2024

Burger King Serves Up "Fake Burger" in Japan

Burger King Japan's Fake Burger in 2024.
An April Fool's joke that is actually available for purchase, Burger King serves up the new Fake Burger over in Japan.

Available through April 16, 2024 (and introduced on April 1st), the Fake Burger features French fries, two slices of gouda cheese, and Bull's Eye BBQ sauce on a toasted bun. It's the second burger to carry the "Fake Burger" name as Burger King Japan offered a similar fry burger four years ago.

The previous Fake Burger consisted of French fries and a special meat sauce on a toasted bun.

Both versions of the Fake Burger can be considered a twist on a British chip butty, which is a sandwich of French fries ("chips" in the UK) between two slices of bread.

Photo via Burger King Japan.

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