Apr 24, 2024

Strawberry Cheesecake Fried Pie Returns to Church's

Church's Strawberry Cheesecake Fried Pie.
The Strawberry Cheesecake Fried Pie returns to the Church's Texas Chicken menu for a limited time and is joined by the returning Strawberry Blast beverage.

Church's Strawberry Cheesecake Fried Pie features a fried, turnover-style pie with a flaky crust and a filling of strawberry puree layered with cream cheese and graham crackers. It comes drizzled with white icing.

The Strawberry Blast is a seasonal beverage that pairs wild strawberry syrup with a choice of a 30- or 40-oz Southern Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, Sprite, or Minute Maid Lemonade.

The price for the seasonal pie varies but you can expect it to cost around $1.99, while the Strawberry Blast starts at $2.79 for a 30-oz cup.

Photo via Church's Texas Chicken.

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