Apr 5, 2024

Checkers and Rally's Introduces New Buford Bites

Checkers & Rally's Buford Bites.
Promising "Big Buford flavor in every bite," Checkers & Rally's introduce new Buford Bites.

The new, snackable, fast-food menu item features a filling of beef hamburger patties pieces, melted American cheese, dill pickle pieces, and ketchup inside of a crispy-fried dumpling-like shell.

The suggested price for an order of four Buford Bites is $2.99. They're available for a limited time.

Buford Bites bear more than a passing resemblance to the Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites that Sonic brought back earlier this year. You have to wonder if there's a common manufacturer involved.

The Big Buford, from which Buford Bites got their name, is Checkers & Rally's signature premium burger.

Photo via Checkers & Rally's.

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