Apr 12, 2024

Kettle Brand Releases New Gochujang-Flavored Potato Chips

Bags of Kettle Brand Gochujang Flavored Potato Chips.
Kettle Brand releases new Gochujang-flavored, kettle-cooked potato chips as the brand's latest limited-edition flavor.

The new chips feature the flavor of gochujang, which is a Korean pepper paste that offers a complex sweet and spicy taste profile.

According to Kettle Brand, the new flavor addresses increasing interest in sweet and spicy flavor combinations among Gen Z and Millennials.

New Kettle Brand Gochujang Flavored Chips are available now for a limited time at retailers nationwide in 6.5-oz bags for a suggested price of $5.29. The potato chips come in a brick red-colored bag that is meant to be similar to the color of the condiment.

Photo via Kettle Brand.

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