Apr 8, 2024

Review: KFC - Apple Pie Poppers

An order of four KFC Apple Pie Poppers.

KFC's Apple Pie Poppers feature snackable, bite-size desserts with a buttery, flaky crust filled with warm apple pie filling.

A 4-piece order cost me $2.49.

A KFC Apple Pie Popper next to a quarter.

The Apple Pie Poppers were pretty small, you could probably toss them in the air and catch them in your mouth. Still, the four pieces are probably the equivalent of a turnover-style, fast food pie.

The outer crust was delicately flaky and crispy (I wouldn't call it buttery though) but there was a thicker layer underneath that was soft and chewy to the point of being almost gummy. It seemed to be deep-fried but wasn't particularly oily.

Inside, there wasn't much apple pie filling to go around, and what little there was, had a very mild flavor with the barest hints of apple and cinnamon.

The cross section of a KFC Apple Pie Popper.

Overall, I didn't care much for KFC's Apple Pie Poppers as there just wasn't much "apple" going on. If you don't mind the lack of filling, you might enjoy the crispy and chewy crust layers.

Nutritional Info - KFC Apple Pie Poppers (per piece)
Calories - 80
Fat - 5g (Saturated Fat - 1.5g)
Sodium - 55mg
Carbs - 9g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 1g

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