Apr 12, 2024

New Reese's Medals Arrive

Packs of Reese's Medals.
With the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming up in Paris for summer 2024, new Reese's Medals arrive to help mark the occasion.

The new candy features the classic combination of Reese's peanut butter covered in milk chocolate but in the shape of a medal rather than a cup.

Reese's Medals is the brand's first-ever seasonal summer shape and is part of the brand's sponsorship of Team USA.

Reese's other seasonal shapes include: 

  • Hearts for Valentine's Day.
  • Eggs and Bunnies for Easter.
  • Pumpkins, bats, ghosts, and skeletons for Halloween.
  • Trees, Santas, holiday lights, stockings, snowmen, and bells for Christmas.

You can find Reese's Medals in stores now for a limited time. They come in snack, standard, and king-size packages.

Other Team USA products from Hershey's ahead of the Olympics include Hershey's Kisses in patriotic foils and Ice Breakers Limited Edition Golden Pineapple Gum and Mints.

Photo via Reese's.

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