Apr 8, 2024

New Pop-Tarts Crunchy Poppers Arrive

Boxes of Pop-Tarts Crunchy Poppers.
Offering a crunchier, bite-sized version of the iconic toaster pastries, new Pop-Tarts Crunchy Poppers have started to land on shelves at retailers nationwide.

The new snackable format features a crunchy exterior with the signature filling, frosting, and sprinkles of regular Pop-Tarts. It's described by the brand as "the ultimate no-prep, no-mess snack packed in individual pouches that will satisfy your sweet and crunchy cravings."

At launch, Pop-Tart Crunchy Poppers come in two varieties: Frosted Strawberry Crunch and Frosted Brownie Crunch.

Pop-Tarts Crunchy Poppers are currently rolling out to retailers across the US. They carry a suggested price of $3.99 per 5-count box and $6.59 per 10-count box.

Photo via Pop-Tarts.

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