Apr 2, 2024

KFC Introduces New Apple Pie Poppers

KFC Apple Pie Poppers.
KFC adds Apple Pie Poppers as a new fast food dessert option on the fried chicken chain's national menu.

The snackable, bite-size items feature a buttery, flaky crust filled with warm apple pie filling.

KFC Apple Pie Poppers are available in 4-piece and 10-piece orders with prices starting at $2.49 for a 4-piece order and $5.49 for a 10-piece order.

The arrival of Apple Pie Poppers gives KFC an individual-size, national dessert option that it's been lacking since they got rid of chocolate chip cookies (previously, the chain's only national menu desserts were the family-size Colonel's Homestyle Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cake).

With the new dessert, it seems likely that those select KFC restaurants (like my local branch) that were offering fried apple pies will discontinue them.

Photo via KFC.

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