Apr 9, 2024

White Castle Puts Together New $5 Bacon Bundle

White Castle's $5 Bacon Bundle.
White Castle introduces the new $5 Bacon Bundle as a limited-time value meal deal at participating locations.

White Castle's $5 Bacon Bundle lets you pick two Bacon Sliders to go with a small order of fries.

The available Bacon Slider choices include:

  • Bacon Cheese Slider - A steam-grilled beef patty served with steam-grilled onions, hickory-smoked bacon, and a slice of American, Jalapeno, or Smoked Cheddar cheese on a slider bun.
  • 1921 Bacon Cheese Slider - A seasoned and seared beef patty served with hickory-smoked bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and caramelized grilled onions on a slider bun. 
  • New Chicken Bacon Ranch Slider - A crispy-fried Chicken Slider served with hickory-smoked bacon and Hidden Valley Ranch sauce on a slider bun.

According to the fine print, the $5 Bacon Bundle costs $6 in Arizona and is not available in Florida.

Photo via White Castle.

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