Apr 17, 2024

General Mills Launches New Wheaties Protein Cereal

Two boxes of Wheaties Protein cereal.
General Mills launches new Wheaties Protein cereal as the brand's "highest protein offering in the cereal aisle to date," clocking in at 21-to-22 grams of protein per serving (versus 3 grams of protein per serving in regular Wheaties).

The new cereal features nut-clustered whole grain flakes, almonds or pecans, pumpkin seeds, and honey or maple syrup. According to the ingredients, part of the extra protein comes from soy protein isolate.

Wheaties Protein comes in two flavors at launch: Maple Almond and Honey Pecan.

You can find the new protein-packed cereal at select Walmart stores this month and at retailers nationwide starting this spring. A 16-to-16.4-oz box (it varies by flavor) carries a suggested price of $8.99.

Photo via Wheaties.

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