Apr 25, 2024

New Sour Patch Kids Oreos Coming May 2024

A package of Sour Patch Kids Oreo cookies.
Oreo introduces the brand's first-ever sour flavor with the debut of new Sour Patch Kids Oreo cookie sandwiches. The new Sour Patch Kids x Oreo collaboration will be available for a limited time and is set to arrive at retailers nationwide starting May 6, 2024.

New Sour Patch Kids Oreo cookies feature Sour Patch Kids-flavored Golden Oreo wafers with colorful inclusions sandwiching a layer of Sour Patch Kids-flavored creme and multi-colored sour sugar inclusions. It's basically Sour Patch Kids-flavored all around.

The new sweet and sour cookies are available for pre-sale now online from the Oreo website for $4.50 and will arrive in stores in May.

To promote the new launch, Oreo and Sour Patch Kids will be releasing an exclusive merch line that will include a matching set of a crewneck and joggers to make the "perfect snack suit."

Photo via Oreo.

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