Apr 10, 2024

Jollibee Adds Two New Chicken Sandwiches and Brings Back Ube Pie

Jollibee Ube Pie.
Fast-food chain Jollibee brings back its Ube Pie for a limited time and introduces two new chicken sandwich varieties: the Bacon and Cheese Chicken Sandwich and the Aloha Chicken Sandwich.

Priced at a suggested price of $2.99, Jollibee's Ube Pie features a deep-fried, turnover-style pie with a crispy, flaky crust and an ube filling (a purple yam that originates from the Philippines). Jollibee's describes the filling as offering "notes of white chocolate, vanilla, and pistachio."

The new Bacon and Cheese Chicken Sandwich takes Jollibee's classic chicken sandwich (a hand-breaded chicken breast filet and umami mayo on a buttery brioche bun) and simply adds on bacon and melted cheddar cheese.

The new Aloha Chicken Sandwich takes the classic chicken sandwich and gives it a tropical twist with the addition of whole leaf lettuce, bacon, a grilled pineapple ring, and a zesty Aloha dressing.

Both new chicken sandwiches are priced at $7.99

All three fast-food menu items can be found at Jollibee restaurants in the US for a limited time now through the end of 2024.

Photo via Jollibee.

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