Apr 24, 2024

Review: Frosted Chocolaty Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts

A box of Frosted Chocolaty Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts.

Frosted Chocolaty Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts feature flakey, buttery toaster pastries with actual chocolate chips in the filling, topped with maple-flavored icing and a sprinkling of chocolate chip flakes.

A 16-count, 27-oz box costs $4.98 at Walmart but I received this courtesy of Pop-Tarts.

A Frosted Chocolaty Chip Pancake Pop-Tart next to a quarter.

Each Pop-Tart comes topped with a spread of tan frosting and a sprinkle of brown candy discs meant to bring to mind the appearance of a chocolate chip cookie. Despite the promise of maple and chocolate chips, neither the frosting nor the discs offered any discernable flavor beyond a general sweetness.

The crispy, flaky crust was your standard Pop-Tart crust with a decent crunch and a fair amount of crumbliness.

Inside, was a sweet paste with an enjoyable brown sugar flavor with a mild bitterness. There were intermittent occasions of light chocolate notes from what I assume to be melted chocolate chips. Mostly, it felt like a brown sugar filling and didn't bring chocolate chip pancakes to mind.

Cross-section of a Frosted Chocolaty Chip Pancake Pop-Tart.

Still, a brown sugar Pop-Tart tastes pretty good in my book. However, despite the appearance, Frosted Chocolaty Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts whiff on delivering more than a smidge of the flavor of chocolate chip pancakes.

Nutritional Info - Frosted Chocolaty Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts
Serving Size - 2 pastries (96g)
Calories - 390
Fat - 12g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 330mg
Carbs - 68g (Sugar - 31g)
Protein - 4g

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