Apr 2, 2024

Review: Paris Baguette - Croissant Crisp with Raspberry

A Paris Baguette Croissant Crisp with Raspberry next to a quarter.

Paris Baguette's Croissant Crisp with Raspberry features a pressed, "caramelized croissant with raspberry."

I bought one for $2.99.

The Croissant Crispy is basically the bakery chain's take on the crispy, flattened croissants that have been popularized on social media. It's also a convenient way to use up day-old croissants.

Side view of a Paris Baguette Croissant Crisp with Raspberry.

The Croissant Crisp looked to have been cut in half length-wise before being flattened and toasted. The top half was dusted on top with powdered sugar, while the bottom half sported a caramelized sugar crust. The powdered sugar added a little sweetness while the sugar crust was good for that slightly burnt sugar flavor.

The dessert was pretty light as the chain's croissants are very light in weight (and also cost $2.99 a piece). It was mildly buttery with just a toast of bitter char to it. The texture was very crispy, multi-layered, and delicate--it reminded me of a palmier.

The raspberry inside was a smooth raspberry jam. It was sweet and fruity with just a slight tang.

Cross-section of a Paris Baguette Croissant Crisp with Raspberry.

Paris Baguette's Croissant Crispy with Raspberry came together nicely. It's a little bit like a flattened jam and croissant toast sandwich but with none of the soft bits and extra bells and whistles in the form of the dusted and caramelized sugar.

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