Review: Taco Bell - Beefy Cheesy Burrito

Taco Bell's  Beefy Cheesy Burrito is one of the new items on their $1 Cravings value menu t...

Taco Bell's Beefy Cheesy Burrito is one of the new items on their $1 Cravings value menu test. The burrito features premium "Latin rice," seasoned ground beef, and nacho cheese.

I'm not sure this needs to be said (since it's on the $1 menu), but it costs a buck.

I think Taco Bell is running out of names for their new (more like slightly different) stuff, "Beefy Cheesy Burrito" could be easily mistaken with "Cheesy Double Beefy Burrito" or "Beefy Melt Burrito."

I know quite a few of you miss the old seasoned rice which drew on tomato and spices for flavor whereas the new rice relies on herbs like cilantro (a polarizing herb but it works well for Chipotle) and parsley. I like the new rice though. While the old rice was similar to Taco Bell's seasoned beef, the new rice has a contrasting taste that adds more variety, but still pairs well with the beef. Combined with the oozing nacho cheese, the three ingredients were well-balanced and combined for some tasty eats.

I enjoyed Taco Bell's Beefy Cheesy Burrito quite a bit and it delivers great value at $1. Cheese, beef, and rice... What's not to like?

Nutritional info - Taco Bell Beefy Cheesy Burrito only calories provided.
360 Calories


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