Dec 22, 2012

Around the World: Burger King Singapore Christmas Menu

Burger King Singapore
has two sandwiches from their premium King's Collection on tap this Christmas: The King's Christmas Tendercrisp and The King's Christmas Beef. Impressive names no?

The King's Christmas Tendercrisp seems a bit like a cross between a Hawaiian pizza and a chicken sandwich as it comes with a crispy-fried piece of chicken thigh, Batavia lettuce, mayo, honey mustard,  Swiss cheese, as well as turkey ham and pineapple, all on a Mediterranean-style panini bread.

The King's Christmas Beef is a bit more ordinary with a flame-grilled seasoned beef patty, turkey ham, crispy fried onions, American cheese, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo, on a Mediterranean-style panini bread.

The King's Collection is the name for a premium line of sandwiches and a burgers at Burger King Singapore first introduced in the country this summer.

Photo via Burger King Singapore.

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  1. They seem a bit too loaded. Probably would be messy eating them. But, some people like that :D


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