Dec 1, 2012

Around the World: McDonald's Germany Serves Up Twilight Teas

In a slightly weird offering, McDonald's Germany promotes the Twilight saga's final movie, Breaking Dawn, Part 2, with Edward-, Jacob-, and Bella-flavored bubble teas.

So for those of you who didn't get enough of the Twilight trio despite four movies, you can drink them up as bubble tea in Germany. If you're curious, here's what's in the flavors:

Edward Tea - hibiscus tea, cherry flavor, and cola boba.

Bella Tea - white tea, vanilla flavor, and a mix of strawberry and cola boba.

Jacob - white tea, green apple flavor, and strawberry boba.

You might notice that Bella Tea has a little more in common with Jacob than Edward and, of course, Jacob and Edward Tea have nothing in common (yes, I am slightly amused by this).

I feel behind the curve here. There are plenty of boba joints here in SoCal but most of them just offer plain boba or honey boba. Where's my cola boba?!


  1. In before everyone says this is terrible despite the LOTR themed food at Dennys and all the Harry Potter themed crap.


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