Dec 14, 2012

Neat! Coca-Cola - "Sing for Me" Vending Machine

I have to say, Coca-Cola has their vending machine marketing down pat. Some of you might remember the "Hug Me" machine they placed at a university in Singapore earlier this year. Well, this holiday season, out in Sweden, Coca-Cola put a "Sing for Me" vending machine at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden during finals time.

To spread a little holiday love (and of course the brand message of "share happiness"), the machine sported a snowflake motif and the words "Sing for me" along with a karaoke screen and microphones. Students who pick up the mics and sing a short carol are rewarded with a Coke (i.e. much needed caffeine for the finals slog).

Check out the video below:

These vending machine events seem to be a regular thing for Coca-Cola and they've given out all sorts of things (see here and here) in places all over the world.

Thanks to Samuel in Sweden for bring the video to my attention!

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