Dec 17, 2012

Around the World: Mister Donut Offers Snoopy Cupcakes in Japan

Mister Donut Snoopy-themed cupcakes for Christmas.
Out in Japan, Mister Donut offers Snoopy-themed cupcakes for Christmas in individual holiday-decorated Snoopy's house boxes.

You might ask why Snoopy? And be surprised to find that Mister Donut is an official sponsor of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, which counts the Peanut Gang among its properties.

The cupcakes themselves are offered for 189 yen each (~$2.25 US) and feature a sponge cake with one of four flavors of whipped cream frosting: chestnut, chocolate, strawberry, and blueberry. On the cream, you'll find a white chocolate disc with a portrait of a Peanuts character and those little decorated silver candies that look like small metal balls.
Mister Donut Lucy Peanuts Gang Christmas cupcake.

Also for Christmas are a series of decorative wreath mochi donuts for 147 yen ($1.75 US) each:

Mister Donut Christmas mochi donuts.

They stick a plastic star in the middle of each donut to be festive.

Photos via Mister Donut.

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  1. The packaging is so adorable~ I would totally get a Snoopy cupcake here if I could! Also, pon de ring! How I miss you!


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