Dec 23, 2012

Around the World: Pizza Hut Hong Kong - Pizza on a Pizza

So while Pizza Hut Singapore offers pizza within a pizza this Christmas, not so far away in Hong Kong, the chain is offering pizza on a pizza: the Cheesy Opera pizza!

Each Cheesy Opera pizza features a base pizza with chicken, ham, beef, pork, tomato, oregano, and red onion on tomato sauce, plus Twisted Cheese crust (which is like Stuffed Crust but with partial dough coverage and two types of cheese). On top of this is stacked a smaller, crispy thin crust pizza with one of two topping combinations.

On the Cheesy Opera Pizza with Smoked Ham, you'll find Canadian ham folded into rosettes, beef, pork, pepperoni, Japanese cucumber, mushroom, pineapple, green pepper, and black olives on tomato sauce. One of these will cost you $173 HK (~$22.32 US).

On the Cheesy Opera Pizza with Scallop, you'll find scallop, clam meat, Japanese cucumber, mushroom, peach, red pepper, on pesto sauce finished with a swirl of honey mustard sauce. This one costs a little more than the Smoked Ham version at $220 HK (~$28.32 US)

I'm not sure why it's called the Cheesy Opera. Perhaps Pizza Hut is trying to suggest that each pizza is an opera of flavor? Each pizza certainly has enough ingredients for a full symphony...


  1. Talk about a loaded pizza! So many toppings already on the base pizza alone. I think my mouth would be confused eating all those toppings at once...

    I wonder who decided that it'd be an awesome idea to top a pizza with another pizza.

  2. Hot pizza on pizza action... quite literally.


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