Dec 20, 2012

Around the World: Pizza Hut Australia - Pizza Topped with Chips and Guac!

Earlier this year, Pizza Hut Australia introduced a new "Signature" line of pizzas as a more premium series of pizzas. Among the Signature pizzas was this little gem: the Mexicana Pizza. It's topped with steak, red bell peppers, jalapenos, a squiggle of sour cream and, get this... a glop of guacamole and corn tortilla chips on top!

Other pizzas in the line include, to name a few of the more notable ones: a Tandoori Chicken pizza, a Surf & Turf pizza, and an Antipasto pizza, but the Mexicana takes the crown for it's offering of guacamole and chips. I'm a bit curious about the taste though as I imagine the heat from the pizza would do depressing things to the guacamole.

Looking at it, I think they should have called it the "King Pizza" since the piles of chips and guacamole look a bit like a crown.

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