Dec 14, 2012

Frozen Friday: Stouffer's - Salisbury Steak

Stouffer's Satisfying Servings Salisbury Steak frozen meal is a pound of food for those with a big appetite. It features a beef patty in gravy and onions with a generous side of macaroni and cheese.

There's a 9-ounce version as well, but seeing as they were both on sale at the same price, I went with the bigger one.

It retails for around $4.59 ($2.50 on sale).

Like Stouffer's Meatloaf dinner, the Salisbury Steak is pretty good with a enjoyable course grind and juicy soft texture. The gravy adds a slightly tangy beefy flavor. The meatloaf had a little bit more flavor though.

The pairing with macaroni and cheese is a bit curious as both dishes are fairly salty and the usual pairing is with mashed potatoes to cut against the salt. I ended up eating the Salisbury steak first and then the macaroni and cheese after, rather than eating them together. Gratefully, the gravy was more flavorful than salty.

The macaroni and cheese was pretty good! Much, much better than the powdered stuff. The pasta was tender and the cheese added a thick, creamy texture that clung very well to each piece of macaroni. The taste was mostly American cheese, but the consistency was exemplary, and it is enough for a light meal unto itself.

Overall, as far as frozen dinners go, Stouffers Salisbury steak and macaroni and cheese were pretty darn good! The pairing was a bit odd to me, but both dishes turned out quite well. The macaroni and cheese was especially good.

Nutritional Info - Stouffer's Salisbury Steak - Satisfying Servings (453g)
Calories - 630 (from Fat - 310)
Fat - 34g (Saturated Fat - 14g)
Sodium - 1540mg
Carbs - 41g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 39g

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