Dec 1, 2012

Around the World: Taco Bell Guatemala Intros Baby Ruth Chocodilla

Out in Guatemala, Taco Bell recently introduced the new Baby Ruth Chocodilla which looks like a flour tortilla pressed with pieces of Baby Ruth inside.

It costs 9 Guatemalan Quetzals or about $1.14 US.

There's also a regular Chocodilla on the Taco Bell menu in Guatemala. Chocodillas are basically quesadillas, but with chocolate inside instead of cheese. They're also available in India at Taco Bell.

The press at Taco Bell India seems to deliver more of a toasting though with a grid imprint:
I have to say, it looks pretty good! And, it'd be pretty easy to make one at home with some Nutella.

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  1. they need to offer those here instead of the lame desserts they currently offer...they'd make a mint!


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