Dec 1, 2012

Local Review: Humble Potato - Curry Burger

Humble Potato's Curry Burger, or "Curry Baga" as they call it, features a 5-ounce fresh Angus beef patty, thick cut tomato, diced onions, diced pickled radish, and generous dollop of Japanese curry.

It's $7.95 a burger.

The Curry Burger is definitely a knife-and-fork affair unless you want to look like you inexpertly handled a jar of brown gravy and managed to explode it everywhere.

The bun here was squishy soft, airy, and carried an egg-washed sheen. It's a very nice bun and while thick, it just barely held together against the curry. That being said, the point is it did hold together. I did note that messy as the burger was, the bun was a little pointless since part of the reason it's there is too keep the meat and miscellaneous filling off your hands.

The curry was rich savory with bits of veggies. It was further accentuated by the fresh cut onions and picked radish which delivered a cleansing sour bite. The curry would go well with rice and it went well with the hamburger patty. Be warned that the curry carries a medium spicy kick.

The hamburger patty was thick, juicy, and had a nice, coarse ground texture.

On the whole, everything went together quite nicely and was well-executed. Humble Potato's Curry Burger is an excellent burger with a twist and is worth tasting if you're ever near LAX.

Humble Potato
8321 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(323) 989-2242


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