Dec 6, 2012

News: Popeyes - Wicked Chicken Returns to Popeyes

For a limited-time, those thin chicken strips with the tiny bottle of spicy Tabasco sauce returns to the Popeyes' menu. That's right, Wicked Chicken is back at Popeyes for probably about a month or so.

First introduced back in 2010, this chicken dish is features thin strips of all-white chicken meat, battered and fried till crispy. The strips themselves aren't too spicy unless you open up that bit of Tabasco.

Like before, Wicked Chicken is offered in a combo that includes an order of fries, a mini bottle of Tabasco, a biscuit, and dipping sauce for $3.99 (may vary).


  1. Until the greedy corporate thriftmongers commence including TWO biscuits I shall continue to seek my vittles elsewhere.

  2. Go Popeyes. I really enjoyed my wicked chicken today. The hot sauce makes this a stand out from the rest meal. Will try it again.

  3. I don't get it. The commercial on TV shows these all sauced up in hot sauce. That is what I expected. What I got were dry chicken strips with no hot sauce - not even on the side. Disappointment.


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