Dec 4, 2012

News: Starbucks - $5 Gift Card with Purchase of 3 Starbucks Products

Starbucks is offering a pretty good deal on their grocery store products where you can get a free $5 Starbucks Card when you buy any 3 "qualifying" Starbucks coffee or Tazo tea products.

The offer is good through 12/31/12.

The products that qualify include:

  • Starbucks packaged coffee bags (10 oz or larger)
  • Starbucks K-Cup pack
  • Tazo K-Cup pack
  • Starbucks VIA Ready Brew (excluding 3-pack)
  • Starbucks Frappuccino Bottles (4-pack)
  • Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso (4-pack)
  • Tazo Tea Filterbags
  • Tazo Tea Latte Concentrates
Prices for those items tend to run from $5 to $10 each varying with sales and location. You're basically looking at spending $15 or more and getting $5 extra, which is not bad at all if you regularly buy the items anyway.

To redeem the offer:
  • Buy any 3 qualifying products from a participating grocery retailer in a single transaction (yeah, you have to buy it all at once).
  • Save the original grocery register receipt and UPC codes from the products.
  • Visit and complete the forms. Then submit online or mail in with your receipt via USPS.
  • If you want a physical Starbucks Card, it'll take 6-8 weeks. If you choose the digital Starbucks eGift, you can expect it in 2-3 weeks.
You can read the fine print at:

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