Dec 13, 2012

What's on the Menu: Starbucks Hong Kong Christmas 2012

While Starbucks' holiday drinks don't vary too much from country to country, the food offered in stores tend to cater more towards local norms and this year in Hong Kong, Starbucks offers quite the festive spread for Christmas.

Check it out:

Cranberry Cinnamon Roll - Just like the standard Starbucks cinnamon roll, but topped with dried cranberries  in addition to the icing.

Cranberry Scone - This golden slice, garnished by specks of red cranberries and drizzles of white icing

Cranberry Orange Cupcake - While it looks ordinary enough, this cupcake is infused with notes of cranberry, orange and pistachio and topped with plenty of cream cheese frosting.

Turkey Cranberry Milano - I've never heard of Milano bread before but it seems to lack any browning of the crust. The sandwich comes with shredded turkey, mozzarella cheese slices, and cranberry on soft Milano bread (whatever that is).

Baked Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce - Made from French bread, butter, and cream, with rum-soaked raisins sprinkled on top and a vanilla sauce on the side.

Hazelnut Cheesecake - Your standard cheesecake, but with chopped hazelnuts, topped with whipped cream and pecan flakes.

White Chocolate Log Cake - Because what's Christmas without a Christmas log? This spongy white chocolate log cake is finished with white mousse and filled with cranberry jam.

Classic and Cocoa Gingerbread Men - Last, but certainly not least, Starbucks Hong Kong offers gingerbread men in the traditional manner but also with a cocoa version!

Photos via Starbucks Hong Kong.


  1. What adorable looking desserts!

  2. I want bread pudding! The hazelnut cheesecake sounds delish too.


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