Dec 7, 2012

News: Taco Bell Testing Double Steak Quesadilla and Smothered Burrito

Taco Bell is currently testing two new entrees in two different markets. The two menu items are the Double Steak Quesadilla and the Smothered Burrito. The two test markets are Charlotte, NC and Dayton, OH respectively.

You can read the details below.

The Double Steak Quesadilla is currently being tested in Charlotte as a possible addition to the Cantina Bell menu. It features a double portions of chef Lorena Garcia's (who helped develop the Cantina Bell menu) new marinated "Tender Braised Steak" paired with melted real Pepper jack Cheese pressed inside a flour tortilla. It comes with a side of chips, reduced-fat sour cream, and Cantina Salsa for $4.99

The Smothered Burrito tests in Dayton and features a burrito filled with beef, chicken, or steak and cilantro rice, smothered in red sauce and melted shredded cheese. It's a bit like a big enchilada, no? The price is $2.99 for the beef version and $3.99 for the chicken or steak.

If the tests go well, maybe we'll see the items next year!


  1. Had the smothered beef burrito twice in two trips to Taco Bell. It's really good if you like wet burritos and enchilada sauce. I prefer to eat with a fork anyway, so I love it and its very filling/satisfying if you're in the mood to gorge on junk.

  2. The Smothered Burrito doesn't seem all that different from the Enchirito.

  3. I don't know when these names start becoming racist. Enchirito, that kind of bothers me.

  4. I'm going to miss the enchirito.....


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