Dec 21, 2012

News: Del Taco - New Primo Shredded Beef Burrito

Del Taco Primo Shredded Beef Burrito.
Del Taco
offers the new Primo Shredded Beef Burrito to their current limited-time shredded beef line up.

The burrito features Del Taco's new Fresca Lime Rice along with slow-simmered shredded beef, hand-made pico de gallo salsa, chipotle sauce, and spicy jack cheese.

The shredded beef menu also includes the Shredded Beef Combo Burrito and the Shredded Beef Taco Al Carbon.

If you're looking to try the shredded beef line, Del Taco is offering a coupon for a "free Shredded Beef Taco Al Carbon with any drink purchase" to their Facebook fans.

They've also shuffled their $4 Meals promotion a bit and added two new meals: the Jacked Up BRC Deal and the 5 Layer Burrito Deal.

Del Taco $4 Meals.

The Jacked Up BRC Deal consists of 2 Value Bean, Rice & Jack Cheese Burritos, a Regular Taco, and small drink.

The 5 Layer Burrito Deal comes with a 5 Layer Double Wrap Burrito, a Regular Taco, 2 Mini Quesadillas, and a small drink.

The new deals replace Del's Deal and the Classic Deal.

Photos via Del Taco.

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