Dec 16, 2012

Around the World: Burger King UK - Merry Cheesemas! Menu

It looks like Christmas menus are a bit of a thing at fast food chains in the UK. McDonald's has their Festive Menu and Burger King has this: the Merry Cheesemas menu.

As you can imagine, the Merry Cheesemas menu focuses on various cheeses. Specifically, the burgers go with UK-based cheeses that you aren't going to see at Burger King in the US anytime soon.

Here's what you'll find on the Merry Cheesemas menu:

Chicken Tendercrisp Extra Cheese - The standard Tendercrisp sandwich we have here in the States but with the addition of Red Leicester and Irish Mature Cheddar cheeses, crispy-fried onion strings, and a peppery steakhouse sauce.

Angus Extra Cheese - A mirror image of the Chicken Tendercrisp Extra Cheese except with an Aberdeen-Angus beef patty.

Emmental Cheese Bites - breaded and fried creamy pieces of Emmental (Swiss) cheese served with a side of red berry (lingonberry) dip.

For the non-cheesy, you'll find:

Snack Box - choose from 20 Chicken Nuggets, 20 Chili Cheese Bites, or 10 of each. Both selections are part of Burger King UK's regular menu. They're just typically sold in orders of 6 and 9. The Chili Cheese Bites aren't something we have in the U.S. but seem similar to jalapeno poppers.

And for dessert there are three, and they're collectively called "BK Hotties" (I don't think "hottie" has the same meaning in the UK as it does here):

Hot Raspberry and Chocolate Blondie - A blondie is like a brownie but with brown sugar instead of chocolate with a taste sometimes describe as "like butterscotch." The center of this one contains hot raspberry and white chocolate. It's topped with soft serve.

Hot Toffee Sponge - A toffee sponge cake soaked in toffee sauce with a bit of toffee sauce in the middle, topped with soft serve ice cream.

Hot Chocolate Brownie - A dark chocolate brownie with a gooey hot chocolate center. Also topped with soft serve.


  1. Those chili cheese bites look pretty good, I like how you can split them with the McNuggets.

  2. Haha McDonald's branding at work. When I was a kid, I remember calling every chicken nugget, a "McNugget."

    Yeah, those cheese bites do look pretty good!

  3. I did that too when I was a kid... referred to all chicken nuggets as McNuggets. So embarrassing.

  4. I still do that sometimes...

  5. I work for burger king in the uk! All these products were great sellers. And the chilli cheese bites are great. We still do the 'hotties' and 20 piece sides. Hottie would normaly mean a good looking person but it just because they're served hot :)

  6. Oops! Next you'll be telling me it's not a Duracell bunny


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