Dec 5, 2012

News: Sbarro - New White Pizza and Holiday Cookies

This season Italian mall eatery Sbarro is offering a limited-time white pizza and Italian holiday cookies on their menu.

The white pizza features a blend of three cheeses (mozzarella and ricotta sauce with white pepper, sprinkled with Pecorino Romano). It's topped with roasted red peppers and fresh broccoli and comes on their new Neapolitan-style (think thin crust) finished with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

The Italian holiday cookies are shaped like leaves and come in red (cherry) and green (mint).
The new white pizza and holiday cookies is available through December 31, 2012 at participating Sbarro locations.

The new white pizza is available now through December 31st at participating Sbarro eateries. Also available are red and green Italian holiday cookies, a sweet treat for Sbarro guests.

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  1. The sesame seeds sound bizarre to me on a pizza... really?


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